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Terms and Conditions

By participating in the Great Lakes Surf Festival (Known as GLSF) in any way or capacity, you will agree to the following General Terms and Conditions.
1. GLSF main event hours will be from 12:30 PM through 6:00 PM on Saturday August 12th, 2023. In case of bad weather, we have two alternate dates. Friday August 11th from 5:00 PM until 9:30 PM or Sunday August 13th from 9:00 AM until 1:30 PM. We will announce (On this site and on our social media) any change in event schedule, two days prior to the event, and we ask that accommodate any possible change in schedule. No refunds will be issues due to event schedule changes.
2. The Organizers of GLSF reserve the right to refuse participation to those that violate the rules and regulations of the GLSF, even if the person(s) are in the possession of a valid pass.
3. Anyone entering the GLSF grounds declares to have agreed to these General Terms and Conditions upon purchasing their products.
4. Anyone who fails to comply with these General Terms and Conditions may be refused admission to or ejected from the GLSF and/or GLS grounds. The Organizers of GLSF reserve the right to ban anyone who fails to comply with the General Terms and Conditions admission to GLSF and/or GLSF for the next five years.
5. All visitors who present themselves to the entrance of the GLSF must be in the possession of a valid ID.
6. Each person will enter GLSF at his/her own risk.
7. The minimum age for the GLSF is 16 years old. Those under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
8. The Organizers of the GLSF reserve the right to prosecute any holder of forged GLSF admission tickets or bracelets.
9. GLSF tickets or bracelets are neither refundable nor exchangeable for another type of ticket or product.
10. Stolen GLSF bracelets will neither be replaced nor refunded. You are responsible to take care of your bracelet.
11. The Organizers of GLSF reserve the right to verify the identity of the festival visitors upon entering the GLSF. If a visitor is unable to identify him/herself, he/she will be refused admission to the GLSF, without any right to a refund of the admission price. Valid proofs of identity include: a valid ID, passport, or driver’s license.
12. Admission to the GLSF may be denied, and visitors may be ejected from the GLSF (without any entitlement to a refund of the admission price) if a visitor: (the following list is non-exhaustive):
is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
is in the possession of or deals in drugs;
was previously refused admission to other events / meetings by the Organizer or other authorities;
shows behavior that is evidently aimed at disturbing the peace, provoking, or inciting to violence, hate, anger, race hate, etc.;
puts the lives of other visitors at risk;
is in the possession of banned objects;
refuses to be searched/patted down by security personnel;
refuses or fails to comply with the General Terms and Conditions.
13. Participants of the GLSF may be searched or patted down by security personnel before being allowed admission to the GLSF.
14. Security personnel may ask ticket holders of the same sex to subject themselves to a pat down and/or search of their clothes and luggage in order to intercept banned objects. If any banned objects are found, the security personnel will be entitled to confiscate the object and to refuse the owner admission to the GLSF.
15. The following items are banned from the GLSF:
drugs or other mind-enhancing substances;
any other objects (umbrellas, parasols, camera tripods, laser pens, etc. …) of which the security personnel decide that they pose a risk to the other visitors of the festival;
projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gas form;
flammable products or materials & spray cans;
pyrotechnical objects (fireworks, torches, etc.);
any other weapons or sharp, pointy objects (sticks, chains, knives, …);
banners or items bearing discriminating and/or provocative texts or expressions that may be used in an attempt to disrupt the peace, or that may endanger the safety of the crowd and/or may cause injuries or damage to people and goods;
Pets (except for guide dogs for visually challenged people );
16. Wearing texts, symbols, objects, clothes and/or other (visible) external expressions explicitly representing a political, social movement, or group is prohibited. Anything that hints at discrimination, incitement, or racism is strictly prohibited.
17. Anyone who is present at the GLSF must obey the instructions and directions of the Organizers or its authorized representatives at the festival and/or camping sites at all times, in order to ensure the public order and safety during the festival.
18. For safety reasons the Organizer reserves the right:
to interrupt or discontinue the festival;
to prevent visitors at GLSF from leaving the festival grounds until further notice;
to ask visitors to leave GLSF;
to refuse visitors admission to the GLSF, even if they possess a valid admission ticket.
19. The Organizer may find himself forced to change or alter the festival program. In this event the admission ticket will remain valid and no admission tickets will be refunded or exchanged.
20. To be able to execute your purchase, the Organizers of the GLSF need to share your data with third parties. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, you explicitly give consent to share your data with these necessary third parties.
21. The GLSF will protect your information and data to the full extent of our capabilities utilizing up-to-date security measures.
22. By entering the GLSF grounds, all visitors automatically consent to being photographed or filmed and herewith grant the Organizer permission to use and/or broadcast these digital images. The Organizer may use these digital images for promotional and/or commercial purposes related to the GLSF. In addition, these images may be used by commercial and/or (media) partners. Images may furthermore be recorded and stored by the police and/or Organizer for maintaining and enforcing the security on the festival grounds, and to prevent, investigate and punish crimes and breaches of the General Terms and Conditions by establishing the identity of the perpetrators using these digital images.
23. All photographs and film shot by visitors on the GLSF grounds may only be used for commercial or public purposes with the prior written consent of the GLSF.
24. Visitors to GLSF are required to cooperate with keeping the site clean and tidy, including by using the waste collection points on the festival grounds, the camping site, and the parking lots.
25. Registration and products for the GLSF may only be purchased on our official website. We are not responsible for any fraudulent activity in this area and will not honor fraudulent registrations or products. Do not purchase your GLSF tickets through unofficial channels!
26. It is prohibited to trade, or resell GLSF tickets or bracelets in any way without the expressed written permission of the Organizers.
27. It is prohibited to distribute flyers or hang up posters within or outside the GLSF grounds during the festival. Visitors wishing to promote their own events or products need to contact the organizers of the GLSF and be granted permission to perform such acts.
28. The Organizers may be deemed liable for direct damage suffered by a visitor that is directly and solely caused by a breach on the part of the Organizer. However, only damages for which the Organizer is insured and in respect of which the insurer is willing to pay is eligible for compensation. Excluded from compensation are: (i) consequential damage, (ii) immaterial damage (iii) and intentional damage or damage caused by willful recklessness of the visitor.
29. If a visitor wishes to cancel his/her admission ticket due to concerns over terrorist threats and/or attacks, the purchase price will in no event be refunded.
30. Registration to the GLSF is not refundable.
31. Our merchandise are not exchangeable or refundable. Due to this, we ask that you carefully select your products and sizing.
32. For your safety, we encourage you to maintain at least 1 meter distance from others, and wear a mask if you cannot guarantee this distance.
Cover a sneeze or cough with a tissue or bent elbow, and immediately dispose of tissue in a disposal bin. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
Wash your hands frequently with hand sanitizer.

Payment Methods
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